VoteClimate: Glasgow West Constituency 2024

Glasgow West Constituency 2024

Estimated electorate: 60,152

What Might Happen at the Next General Election?

Based on the updated constituency boundaries and current opinion polls, we project that the result in Glasgow West will be as follows:

Based on predicted vote shares (GB): Labour: 44% | Conservative: 27% | Liberal Democrat: 11.3% | Green: 6.8% | Reform/Brexit: 6.1%

For all new seats and a full forecast of the next general election, please see our Electoral Analysis.

Prospective Parliamentary Candidates

The following candidates are expected to stand in the new Glasgow West constituency at the next election:

There may be further candidates standing for whom data is not yet available.

Data Source:

What Can VoteClimate Achieve in Glasgow West?

Coming soon: once we have enough signed-up members, report the number here.

If we can recruit 329 members in Glasgow West, we can potentially swing the seat at the next election to whichever of Labour or SNP has the best climate policy. That's 0.5% of the electorate in this seat.

We need 11,901 members in this constituency to have a chance of swinging the seat to whichever of Labour, SNP or Conservative has the best climate policy. That's 19.8% of the electorate in this seat.

We need 13,828 members in this constituency to be able to elect a Green MP. That's 23.0% of the electorate.

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