VoteClimate: Volunteer & Help Out

Volunteer & Help Out

To reach the 1-million-member target, VoteClimate needs a lot of help, a lot of your help. We need people to step up and volunteer their time for the global good.

The Basics

Recruit, recruit, recruit! Promote, promote, promote! like your life depended on it: our children's lives might.

Can you help with any of these easy steps to begin with?

  • Promote and discuss with like-minded friends, family and colleagues
  • Use email, online messaging and sharing, social media, blogs, newsletters and face-to-face conversations - please see our Example Recruitment Email
  • Use the VoteClimate Petition as an excuse for contacting people or following up earlier messages
  • Remind yourself of our 3 Simple Steps explanation
  • Get up to speed with our Frequently Asked Questions - people will ask them
  • Print VoteClimate Posters: put them up in your windows and on work/community noticeboards
  • Print VoteClimate Flyers: hand out to friends and colleagues, leave in the office kitchen / coffee area
Letters to the Press

We had a flurry of new members joining when VoteClimate was recommended in a comment under an Observer article, igniting an online discussion. Can you do similar?

  • If you see an article in the national press where VoteClimate is relevant, please find the article online and post a comment publicising VoteClimate.
  • Local papers are desperate for content for their websites and they publish many letters received. Please look up the website of your local paper and write them a message mentioning VoteClimate eg how voters can look up their MP's record.
  • You can often comment under articles and letters on local newspaper websites. Please try to start a debate about VoteClimate.
Social Media
  • Post about VoteClimate on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, NextDoor, etc
  • Follow @VoteClimateUK on Twitter; like and retweet our posts
  • Follow @VoteClimate_UK on Instagram; like our posts
  • Like VoteClimate on Facebook; like and share our posts
  • Ask friends on social media to do this, particularly if they have a large following
  • Consider joining social media! (apologies) to promote VoteClimate: Desperate times demand desperate measures
  • When you post or reply to posts about climate mention @VoteClimateUK and #VoteClimate
  • Update your social media profile to the VoteClimate avatar
  • Update your social media header image to the VoteClimate header

Get Involved

Please to join our team in any of the following roles:

  • Social Media Co-ordinator
  • Press Co-ordinator
  • National Volunteer Co-ordinator
  • Local Volunteer Co-ordinators
  • Local Outreach
  • Leafleting
  • Social Media Evangelists
  • Letter-Writing


You can also help by Making A Donation.

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