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Register To Vote(Climate)

Before you can Vote Climate, you need to be registered to vote and have valid photographic ID.

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Register To Vote

Use the following page to register online to vote in UK elections:

If you've moved house, says you need to register to vote again.

Photographic ID

The UK government's new law requiring photographic ID to vote appears to bias against the poor and the young. See the list of valid photographic IDs:

Out-of-date photographic ID will be accepted:

Get Free Photo ID

You can get a 'Voter Authority Certificate' allowing you to vote in person in elections in England, Scotland and Wales at:

It's free and you can apply online.

Or Use A Postal Vote

You don't need photographic ID (yet!) to cast a postal vote. Register here:

Again it's free and you can apply online. Even if you don't post it in time, you can deliver it by hand to your polling station.

No Polling Card?

Whether you've lost your polling card or you're not sure whether there are elections in your area, enter your postcode at:

This will tell your where your polling station is. Hopefully you have Photo ID and you can get there and vote. You don't need your polling card.

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