VoteClimate: Endorsements & Support

VoteClimate: Endorsements & Support

The following people have kindly shown their support for VoteClimate.

Chris Packham

First Love & Rage: Unpacked newsletter:

"I'm supporting VoteClimate, a new initiative to help show you who the best candidate is in your area when it comes to climate and environmental issues."

Forbes Magazine

The UK Needs A Climate Election - A Vision For Innovation

"If you're interested in climate then Vote Climate shows the most climate positive candidates in your constituency and recommends a vote"

Extinction Rebellion UK

"Analysis by Vote Climate shows that all political parties are committing us to exceeding 1.5C of warming."

Professor Mark Maslin

"Want to know which party is better for the planet and dealing with #climatechange then check out @VoteClimateUK"

Jenny Jones

House of Lords (Green Party)

"Watch @VoteClimateUK for advice on where you really can, really should #VoteGreen"

Chris Williams

Deputy CEO - Green Party

"It's a pleasure to hear about your work ahead of the forthcoming elections"

Protect Our Winters UK

"Voting with climate prioritised and demonstrating this broad support for climate action is key in us delivering the systemic, political changes we need to see to address climate breakdown. That's why POW UK agrees with the VoteClimate approach."

Protect Our Winters UK helps passionate outdoor people become effective climate advocates to achieve systemic solutions to climate change.

Nic Masters

Head of Veterinary Services, Zoological Society of London 2013-2020

"VoteClimate is a great way to make your vote as effective as it can be in challenging our politicians and political parties to champion the environment. And goodness do we need that!"

Rob Pownall

Founder & CEO - Protect the Wild

"This is a brilliant tool to help make a more informed choice when it comes to the upcoming election and supporting someone who stands up for the environment"

Peter Dynes

CSO at retweeted us:

Dave Throup

Fellow @Worcester_uni Trustee @The_HOEF

"This is an excellent site if you’re interested in finding out about your MP's commitment to climate issues"

Feargal Sharkey

Retweeted Dave Throup's tweet above:

Prof Bill McGuire


"@VoteClimateUK is a brilliant initiative... I urge you to register now."

Prof Dave Goulson

Professor of #Biology, specializing in #bumblebees. Author of: A Sting in the Tale; A Buzz in the Meadow; Bee Quest; The Garden Jungle

"Useful website allows you to see the voting record of your MP on climate change"

The Climate Party

"Vote with climate and biodiversity in mind"

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