About VoteClimate

About VoteClimate

Our mission is to empower ordinary people, terrified of the impending climate emergency, to incentivise and pressurise the mainstream parties into taking the emergency seriously. We turn the first-past-the-post system on its head and enable localised tactical voting to transform the next general election into a single-issue referendum on climate change.

VoteClimate is a political movement independent of all political parties founded by Ben Horton, a nerdy climate campaigner from Cambridge, UK.

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Why VoteClimate?

"In December 2022 I was handing out leaflets at Cambridge's Winter Fair. I asked people (who would stop) how worried they were on a scale of 0 to 10 about climate change. The average was 9! Suddenly I understood how scared everyone was and how powerless they felt to do anything about it.

"While delivering more leaflets the next day, I thought of this way we could unite and show the politicians that they would win or lose votes and a significant number of seats, and possibly the next general election, depending on how serious their climate policies were."

VoteClimate gives ordinary people the power to make extraordinary change happen.

Who Supports VoteClimate?

We've received support from Chris Packham, Jenny Jones, Feargal Sharkey, Prof Bill McGuire, Prof Dave Goulson.

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We attract members from across the politcal spectrum. See Membership Political Demographics.


VoteClimate would not have been possible without the following:

  • Massively thank you to Simon Clay of sly-design.co.uk for his unstinting help and amazing work on the website and leaflet design.
  • Huge thanks to Bradley Dean, who has helped out so many times with IT problems.
  • Thank you to the wonderful friends who have spent hours handing out thousands of leaflets.
  • Thank you to everyone who is promoting, recruiting and donating.

Please, everyone, keep on keeping on and together we can make this happen!


VoteClimate.UK is run by VoteClimate Ltd, a company limited by guarantee (no 15052162) registered at 31 High Street, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 8AD.

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