The VoteClimate Team

The VoteClimate Team

Please meet our team.

Ben Horton

Ben Horton is a director and the founder of VoteClimate, charged with the day-to-day running, from managing volunteers, social-media posts, crunching data, high- and low-level outreach and supporter communications to relationships with strategic partners and suppliers. He invented and runs the software monitoring what our present and future politicians are tweeting, saying and voting on climate:

Ben lives in Cambridge and has run a successful IT business since 1995. He has loved nature all his life and has been a climate activist since 2018. He enjoys fen-skating, wild swimming and Scrabble.

William Eccles

William Eccles is a director. He has a particular focus on developing VoteClimate through co-operation with others working in the fields of climate and nature. William began The Commitment, which worked in a very similar way as VoteClimate, before they came together in April 2024.

William has worked in biodiversity, education and finance at all levels from graduate trainee to chair. He is mad about butterflies.

Bee Groom is our Communications Lead, responsible for all things social media and outreach. Recently graduating from the University of Manchester with a First-Class Biology with French degree, she has a particular interest in creatively raising awareness of socio-environmental issues including climate change and biodiversity loss.

Peter Moore

Peter Moore is an advisor and the board secretary. He studies data, develops ideas and glues the organisation together by facilitating and recording discussions.

After a career in the energy industries Peter has spent 20 years as a consultant in international development, focused on governance and strategy. He has worked in 26 countries. His focus on climate change and nature is deep rooted: his mother was a university biologist, specialising in nemertine worms, and his father was a conservationist, specialising in dragonflies.

Caplor Horizons

Caplor Horizons is a charity that works with other charities on their leadership, strategy and influence. As part of its response to environmental injustice, and the climate change and biodiversity crisis in particular, it incubated The Commitment from its start in early 2019. It hosted The Commitment until early 2024, supporting the development of its strategy and operations. Following the transfer of The Commitment to VoteClimate, Caplor Horizons is supporting the combined organisation.

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