VoteClimate In Green Party Target Seats 2024

VoteClimate In Green Party Target Seats 2024

26 Feb 24

Jenny Jones asked what VoteClimate's position will be in Green Party target seats in the forthcoming general election.

Our two options would work as follows:

  1. For the 70% of members who've agreed to switch away from the two main parties, we will recommend Green in those seats.
  2. For the other 30%, we're committed to tell them the party with the best climate policy that can win in their seat.

In Brighton Pavilion, for example, we will tell all members to vote Green.

If local opinion-polling proves support, then we'd ideally love to tell group 2 to vote Green in those seats. And we'd use the local polling data to encourage group 2 to switch to option 1.

In seats where the Liberal Democrats can win and the Green Party cannot, VoteClimate would recommend both groups 1 and 2 to vote Lib Dem, based on current climate policies.

For more details see How VoteClimate Works In Different Types Of Seat

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