VoteClimate: Green Party Best Constituencies December 2019

Green Party Best Constituencies December 2019

This page shows which seats the Green Party performed best in as judged by coming 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the December 2019 general election.

Which seats could the Greens do best in at the next election? see Green Party Most Winnable Seats.

Constituency Winner Greens
Brighton, Pavilion Green 33,151 votes
Bristol West Labour 47,028 votes 2nd 18,809 votes
Dulwich and West Norwood Labour 36,521 votes 2nd 9,211 votes
Chorley Other 36,270 votes 2nd 3,600 votes
Isle Of Wight Conservative 41,815 votes 3rd 11,338 votes
Exeter Labour 29,882 votes 3rd 4,838 votes
Bury St Edmunds Conservative 37,770 votes 3rd 9,711 votes
Vale Of Glamorgan Conservative 27,305 votes 3rd 3,251 votes
Stroud Conservative 31,582 votes 3rd 4,954 votes
Sheffield Central Labour 33,968 votes 3rd 4,570 votes
Waveney Conservative 31,778 votes 3rd 2,727 votes
Forest Of Dean Conservative 30,680 votes 3rd 4,681 votes
Hackney North and Stoke Newington Labour 39,972 votes 3rd 4,989 votes
Cannock Chase Conservative 31,636 votes 3rd 2,920 votes
Liverpool, Riverside Labour 41,170 votes 3rd 3,017 votes
Liverpool, Walton Labour 34,538 votes 3rd 814 votes

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