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Contact Wendy Chamberlain MP

Wendy Chamberlain is the Liberal Democrat MP for North East Fife.

At the next election Wendy Chamberlain is standing in the new North East Fife constituency.

We have identified 10 Parliamentary Votes Related to Climate since 2019 in which Wendy Chamberlain could have voted.

Wendy Chamberlain is rated Very Good for votes supporting action on climate. (Rating Methodology)

  • In favour of action on climate: 9
  • Against: 0
  • Did not vote: 1

Compare to other MPs:

You can contact Wendy Chamberlain as follows:

Why don't you contact Wendy Chamberlain MP now and tell them how much climate means to you?

  • First Join VoteClimate.
  • Make sure you let them know your postcode so that they know you are a constituent.
  • Tell them how much action on climate means to you and people you know.
  • Tell them you've joined VoteClimate and that you will be voting for the party with the best climate policy that can win in your seat.
  • Ask them how they are going to ensure that we are taking the drastic and immediate action needed to reduce emissions.

You can copy and paste the wording below into your message.

Dear Wendy Chamberlain,

I live in your constituency at [postcode].

Analysis of your voting in the Commons on issues related to climate shows that in only 9 out of 10 votes you voted for climate-friendly legislation and policies.

Climate is the main issue on which I will be deciding my vote in the next general election. How is your party ensuring that we are taking the immediate action necessary to reduce emissions?

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