VoteClimate: Plaid Cymru Key Battleground Seats

Plaid Cymru Key Battleground Seats

These are Plaid Cymru's most marginal seats, based on the lowest percentage swing required for the result to differ from VoteClimate's Forecast For The Next General Election.

First we list the seats where, based on current opinion polls, Plaid Cymru should expect to win by up to 10%. Then we list the seats where Plaid Cymru are predicted to be within 10% of winning the seat.

These are seats where Registering with VoteClimate will have the maximum influence on party policies. So if you have climate-concerned friends and family in these areas, please invite them to join us!

Forecast vote shares (GB): Labour: 44% | Conservative: 27% | Liberal Democrat: 11.3% | Green: 6.8% | Reform/Brexit: 6.1%

[Last updated: September 2023]

Constituency Plaid Cymru Forecast Expected Competitor Predicted Majority
/ Votes Required
Dwyfor Meirionnydd 1st 21,740 Labour 15,148 6,592 9.2%
Ceredigion Preseli 2nd 16,185 Labour 16,593 408 0.5%
Caerfyrddin 2nd 15,461 Labour 19,488 4,027 5.4%
Ynys Mon 2nd 10,418 Labour 14,827 4,409 8.5%

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